• Jeremy Franz

    Jeremy Franz

    Co-founder at inVibe Labs

  • Michael N Rubinstein

    Michael N Rubinstein

    I do software/web stuff, I sometimes teach, I love music and travel and food and humor, and I am into science, science fiction, philosophy, and bodybuilding.

  • Alaina Percival

    Alaina Percival

    I'm a fan of experiences, chocolate, being inspired by people I meet, and helping companies succeed with intelligent marketing #wwcode

  • William Alan Simmons

    William Alan Simmons

    Software engineer, gamer, beer aficionado, occasional podcast host, and a consumer of way too much media.

  • Brandon Black

    Brandon Black

    Software engineer. Expert in boost-glide weaponry, upper atmospheric military tactics and kinetic-kill offensive techniques. I also like puppies.

  • Erik Fortin

    Erik Fortin

  • Christophe Veltsos

    Christophe Veltsos

    InfoSec, Risk, and Privacy Strategist. More at http://linkedin.com/in/chrisveltsos

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