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Early Pathstreamers, back when there were offices and human contact

In 2018 Eleanor Cooper launched her really big idea: What if we combined the technology of online learning, the supportive power of real teachers, and the employability of a technical bootcamp?

She called it “Pathstream” — a guided path that gets people from wherever they are in their career into jobs that require some technical skills. It’s designed to work for anyone, including those who aren’t served well by traditional education. …

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A friend of mine is looking to change jobs and she asked me what should have been a fairly simple question: “How do I know if a company will support marginalized people and empower me in supporting them?”

I’ve been working in the diversity field on and off since 2003 and I’ve been actively mentoring tech company leaders both in the US and internationally since 2016. I figured I’d have a simple response ready for my friend but it stumped me.

I posed this question on Twitter but, I realized afterward, I approached the problem too narrowly. Whether a company is currently succeeding at diversity is like measuring whether the company currently has revenue. It’s a snapshot of one moment — not a reflection of business fundamentals and future performance. A diverse employee demographic now doesn’t indicate future diversity — particularly if those with less power are in junior positions. …

This poem is a villanelle, courtesy of Heather Rivers and her poetry workshops.

Come close and touch your words against my skin.
Our art is voices, painting spoken hues.
I’ll wrap you up in phrases. Let’s begin.

Please speak away the noises, dim the din
and let your lips go walking as they choose
Come close and touch your words against my skin.

Send word to me, put movement in your chin
and speak up, like you’ve nothing left to lose.
I’ll wrap you up in phrases. Let’s begin.

We’ll shorten all our poems, neat and trim
and stand on rhymes that give us better views.


Jack Danger

This is what happens when you fail to curate your online presence

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