Where I disagree with your last comment is that I don’t believe the memo understood the current diversity efforts very well. I know folks who lead the D&I courses at Google, I know the person who designed the unconscious bias course, I’ve led some of these myself. And what’s reflected in the memo is several deep misunderstandings of how diversity work is performed, to what end, and for what reasons. With just that one mistake in the initial premise the rest of the methodology was, unfortunately, errant.

James Damore took the unconscious bias course at Google and could have taken these thoughts to the person who led the session. They could have worked through his assumptions and his feedback and, together, figured out what parts of his argument were based on new insight that were worth exploring. I’ve seen this done at companies before (and I’ve done it myself once or twice). He missed that step and then all hell broke loose.

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This is what happens when you fail to curate your online presence

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