Thanks for giving me the benefit of the doubt in your response, it’s nice to meet you.

I don’t disagree with your interpretation or conclusions from the episode with Dr. Money. I don’t know of any serious researcher who’d attempt such a provably false statement as “male and female brains develop the same”. Dr. Lise Eliot is my favorite writer on this subject because in her book Pink Brain, Blue Brain she will point out one study and what it tells us, then explain the natural conclusion we’d like to draw, then show is a follow-up study that shows that conclusion is false. After layers and layers of this she shows that, yes, there are differences but the differences don’t mean what we think and it’s dangerous to infer that they do.

This is one of my biggest complaints with the Googler’s document. He just does the first layer of that work — he finds one thing and then, not being a researcher himself, doesn’t realize that the natural conclusions one might wish to draw are false. To be half-informed is worse than uninformed, as they say.

I worry about this discussion happening without the researchers who are active in the field present. It’s too dangerous to do what, for example, Louanne Brizendine did in 2006 when she published The Female Brain. It all seemed very reasonable and believable (and when I read it I believed it all). Then so many of her primary points were subsequently disproven by research. It’s a subtle art, this gender stuff. And, unlike math and physics, human lives and careers and self-images are hanging in the balance. That’s why I will probably be a wet blanket on anybody who gets excited about it and wants to discuss it in full view of those who might be most affected.

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