Daniel, that’s a really interesting example. Thanks for that. I don’t think we can say, absent a specific example, whether discussing Israel will embolden anti-semites. I think it would be possible to raise the issue of, say, settlement expansions in a way that’s not unduly controversial by acknowledging the history and set of prejudices the writer is stepping in. I can imagine someone adding a large caveat to a piece of writing that “by the way, I know this kind of language get picked up by anti-semitic groups and here are the ways that I think it might be abused and the various ways I’m going to craft this argument to avoid that mis-used.” Effectively, as long as the author says “yes, I’m aware of this knife in my hand and, no, I’m not going to use it” the discussion is a lot more possible.

If the Googler had written something near the top acknowledging that he had various advantages the direct beneficiaries of diversity work lack and that he realized it would be nearly impossible for women to respond to his piece in a public way this issue might never have blown up.

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This is what happens when you fail to curate your online presence

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