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There is a place where the sofas are used
And rooms are all different shapes and hues
With warm brews for cold hands, so take off your shoes
you’re far from the center of earth

Away in the forest a city continues to give us some clues
to how we can live without reading the news
this is no resort; we must work, pay our dues
but it’s not to prop up some poor VCs, confused,
thinking we are their monkeys who live in their zoos
no, we’re far from the center of earth

We put our shoulders to labor, our spirit renews
in air infused with the smell of fresh dews
and of people who are young and old, wearing fashions
they fashioned for weather, whether fastened or loose
our work is more real, real profit ensues
and we’re far from the center of earth

Yes, take off your shoes and enjoy the views
and undo the many untruths they’ve used to abuse
our intentions, to rob our good moods.
Because art is not a statement, it’s a way to enjoy rooms
Because nature is not someplace that you drive to
Put your shoulder to labor, put your mind to work
put your hearts to each other and know your own worth,
Because nothing’s for sale and nothing you choose can be better than that
And you’re right at the center of earth

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This is what happens when you fail to curate your online presence

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